best restaurants in Rome – Beliveat Pigneto

Best restaurants in rome – Beliveat Pigneto
una vista della sala dal bancone

It’s hard to define the best restaurants in Rome but we are quite sure that we are in that ranking. Our kitchen style is pretty different from all the restaurants in rome and we can ensure that our goal is customer’s satisfacion.

Beliveat gives you the opportunity to esperience unique flavors in an elegant and refined setting.

to make the difference is not enough to love your job and carry it out with passion. It takes innovation and inventiveness. We are a young, dynamic and energetic company. In our journey our gaze looks to the future.

Our products are selected by criss-crossing the country in search of the Italian culinary excellence. They are found thanks to the commitment and expertise that chef Aureliano provides to his customers in order to offer them the best possible experience. Our staff is well trained and speaks fluent English.

The remembrance of an exquisite dish is something that says with you all of your life. when you will taste that flavor again all the sensations experienced will vividly resurface to mind.

Quality, creativity and accessibility are the backbone of Beliveat’s philosophy: healty and simple food produced and processed in respect of raw materials and environment.

Art masterpieces, dimmed light, unique food and great wine is what sets our restaurant.

Maybe we are not the best but we are in the best restaurants in Rome ranking.

Try us we know how to deal with food.


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